ANZET 2021
  • All abstracts must be original work. An abstract should not be submitted if the work has been published/accepted for publication or presented at a national meeting or World Congress held in Australia, prior to the abstract submission deadline.
  • An abstract must contain sufficient information so that if published it will be a complete report independent of presentation. The text should not contain statements alluding to results or conclusions not presented within the text.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts that may be submitted by an individual. However, splitting of a body of work into multiple abstracts is discouraged and consolidation into one abstract is preferred.
  • Submission acknowledges consent to publication of the abstract in the Meeting proceedings publication – Heart, Lung and Circulation.The presenting author will be required to register for the Meeting to ensure their abstract(s) is included in the final program. Deadline for presenting author registration will be advised in the acceptance letter.
  • All submissions must be completed electronically via the online submission facility. If you are unable to submit in this manner, please contact the Meeting Managers at or phone: +64 9 360 1240 for further information.
  • All abstracts must be prepared according to the guidelines provided. Abstracts will only be accepted and published if submitted using the supplied template.
  • The abstract must not exceed the 250 word limit. Abstracts exceeding the 250 limit will be returned for re-submission. The word limit relates to the text only of the abstract and does not include title.
  • The complete abstract (including text, graphs and tables) must not exceed a size limit of 15cm wide and 12cm in length.
  • The abstract should be typed in Arial font, size 11pt and single line spacing.
  • DO NOT include authors and affiliations in the abstract, as these will be entered into the online submission form.

Eligibility for Early Career Research Award

  • Authors must be early career interventionists, either a fellow in training or a consultant within 5 years of fellowship.
  • Authors must be a member of CSANZ or have submitted an application for membership by the submission deadline.
  • Abstracts must relate to a body of original research in interventional cardiology (i.e. not a case presentation).

Geoff Mews Memorial Fellows’ Prize

Fellows should enter the competition online, via the online form, by submitting a 250-word abstract.

  • This must be a case that you have been involved in personally, not something you have observed from a distance. 
  • The case must have been performed in Australia or New Zealand.
  • It should be interesting and instructive; a complication and its management may be very appropriate for presentation, but the committee is looking for learning opportunities generally, and this competition is not intended to be focused on complication.
  • Authors must be a member of CSANZ or have submitted an application for membership by the submission deadline.


Presenters will be expected to present the clinical history, angiographic findings, and other relevant investigations in 10 minutes, with 5 minutes for question and answer about the lessons to be learnt from the case.

Presentations will be marked on:

  • The quality of the presentation, and the relevance of the case
  • The value of the "learning" point(s)
  • How questions from the judges and the floor are handled


Please note that the 250 word abstract limit will be strictly enforced; longer abstracts will be rejected without further consideration.

The Fellows' Prize is a prestigious and valuable award, and the Organising Committee expects high quality abstracts and presentations in what is always a very competitive contest.

Best Interventional Imaging Competition

  • Entries must be submitted using the PowerPoint template provided.
  • The case must have an evidential image from an intravascualar examination or be related to structural intervention, and it must be unique or demonstrate a clinical teaching point.
  • Only one submission per applicant is accepted.
  • English must be used for the case slides and presentations.
  • Personal information of the patient must be removed before submission.
  • Authors must be a member of CSANZ or have submitted an application for membership by the submission deadline.